Screaming Garlic Idea Library

Brand Extension on a Budget

Our client is a 45 year-old fitness equipment manufacturer that still makes their products in the USA. They produce a high-quality, well-regarded line of workout machines, but chances are you never heard of them.

What Marketing and Magic is According to Google

According to Lorraine Twohill, senior vice president of global marketing at Google, marketing is about knowing the user and knowing the magic.

The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Interesting article in the NYTs Opinion section today about how we as a society have evolved around issues of trust to form a true peer-to-peer economy.

Paid vs. Organic Search - FTC steps in

The Federal Trade Commission has recently issued updated guidance to 24 web-search companies instructing them to more clearly distinguish ad-driven results from natural ones, using visual cues like color-shading that displays consistently on multiple devices (including mobile devices), as well as borders and labels.

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