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Create Your Marketing Strategy With A Marketing Audit

The marketing audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planning process. We find many companies do not use this technique when determining their marketing plans and budgets. And because of this they end up planning without measuring past performance.

The State of Marketing in NJ and Beyond . . .

As a New Jersey HubSpot digital agency partner, we have access to a tremendous amount marketing data and insights. And, one of those special pieces of information is the recently released State of Inbound 2016..

"Gut" Feelings from an Inbound Marketing Agency

We all have that gut feeling. It’s those instincts we use to understand our surroundings. It’s that little voice we use to sense danger and uncertainty. It’s that “flight or fight” response that is secreted into our bloodstream from our adrenal glands telling us not to go down a dark alley. These instincts help us survive and influence what goes on in our minds.

Are You Just Marketing to Yourself?

One mistake we've seen many of our clients make is to spend too much time and money marketing to themselves.

What does this really mean?

Sometimes, we all operate in an echo chamber. Businesses get caught up worrying what others are doing in their industry rather than thinking about why they are in their space in the first place - which is to serve their customers.

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