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Following this Email Technique Will Make You a Better Marketer

You figured out how to get an email list with a few thousand names, and now you want to blast the heck out of it so money rains back down on you. Makes sense, except email marketing is about quality rather than quantity.

3 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded "Just Checking In" Email

Nate, one of my partners at our marketing agency, was looking to engage a prospect with whom he did not have a follow-up call set.  He was preparing to reach out to the prospect, but was having difficulty phrasing an email that was not so saccharine.  

Get Your Emails Over the Dam and Past the SPAM

It may be hard to believe that with all the various communications tools our there today, emails are still the best way to interact and grow with your customers.

How to Sell When You’re on Holiday: Put Your Email Signature and Out of Office Reply to Work

Can you sell when you’re on holiday break? Of course, but dragging out your laptop and taking calls from the a vacation spot is sure to annoy your family.

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