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The Facebook Algorithm Change - Here's What You Need to Know 

Few things inspire more chewed fingernails and cold sweats among ecommerce marketers than Facebook algorithm changes. When Mark Zuckerberg whispers those dreaded words – algorithm changes – it catches the attention of every business that uses Facebook.

This Is Why Online Advertising Is Still About Patience

As a marketing agency we get many clients who want to advertise their products and services through AdWords and Facebook, but don't want have the patience to wait for the results. The thinking is that since it's digital it must be quick. And if you don't see the results instantaneously, something must be wrong.

What We Can Learn from the Russian Facebook Hacking for Our Own Marketing Efforts

Each day we seem to learn more about the Russian operatives who set up an array of misleading Web sites and social media pages to identify American voters susceptible to propaganda. Those involved with the current investigation say these operatives then used a powerful Facebook tool - Custom Audience - to repeatedly send them messages designed to influence their political behavior.

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