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3 Things You Must Learn About Digital Marketing and PR

When you think about marketing, sales and PR, do you think of it as a single line item in your budget?

If you do you may be missing the bigger picture of how these functions are really complementary channels. And by doing that you actually may be missing out on how to maximize investments in these areas. In fact, you could be wasting money on ineffective initiatives.

When Your Agency is Doing the Spamming

When your own PR/Marketing firm is using a portion of your monthly retainer to spam the inbox of journalists, it's probably time to re-think your strategy.

Google Says Press Releases Will be Treated as Link Schemes

The old way of doing business has changed once again thanks to Google's decision on link schemes. For those of us who write press releases, we need to be careful not to add certain anchor links from the release as Google may negate this link and harm our SEO capabilities, or in Google-speak. "Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites can negatively...

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