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The Facebook Algorithm Change - Here's What You Need to Know 

Few things inspire more chewed fingernails and cold sweats among ecommerce marketers than Facebook algorithm changes. When Mark Zuckerberg whispers those dreaded words – algorithm changes – it catches the attention of every business that uses Facebook.

Facing Abandoned Cart Issues? Try These Fixes

For those of you with e-Commerce sites, there's nothing more satisfying than getting that "ka-ching" email with a new sale. And there's nothing more perplexing than seeing all that potential revenue of "almost sales" sitting in your abandoned cart list.

5 Inbound Ideas to Know That Will Drive New Leads and Grow Your Business

In the online world there are many tools out there that can help you to grow your business. Some of these inbound marketing tools include landing pages, calls-to-action and lead forms on a website. Others include advertising campaigns such as Google display ads and Facebook ads to drive product-specific, high-intent traffic to your e-commerce portal.

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