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Facing Abandoned Cart Issues? Try These Fixes

Facing Abandoned Cart Issues? Try These Fixes

For those of you with e-Commerce sites, there's nothing more satisfying than getting that "ka-ching" email with a new sale. And there's nothing more perplexing than seeing all that potential revenue of "almost sales" sitting in your abandoned cart list.

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According to Kissmetrics, 88% of customers get to a product into a shopping cart only to abandon it and move on to another site that may have a similar product. These deserters are savvy shoppers who require an informed shopping experience. Understanding their behaviors can help you go from shopping cart abandonment to additional revenue adornment. 

Top Reasons Why Shoppers Leave Their Shopping Carts

Online shoppers are a demanding sort. The slightest unexpected process or charge can cause a shopper to hit the road.

  • 44% leave due to shipping and handling costs
  • 41% are just window shopping and not ready to purchase
  • 27% want to compare prices of similar products on other sites
  • 25% found the price too high

The Fix: How To Get Shoppers To Return

  • Show delivery and payment options upfront at the beginning of the checkout process
  • Offer free (or reduced) shipping
  • Don't ask for buyers to register before the sale
  • Enable options to let shoppers save contents of the cart
  • Set up safe and secure checkout options
  • Make sure buyers can find customer support contact information, i.e. chat, phone numbers.

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