Screaming Garlic Idea Library

Fantasy Football and Drinking Beer: A Promotion Made in Heaven

The last time I bought a case of beer other than as a token party gift, was probably 1994 - until today. I bought a case, in fact, of Bud Light. Why the sudden change of heart from ice cold craft beer on tap to warm bottles? Fantasy football, that's why. Now, I'm not sure that the good folks at InBev were targeting me, the 45-54, craft beer drinker - but it really doesn't matter. It worked.

Wine and Proses

Hahn Family Vineyards, a small family winery wanted to get its name out amongst influential and passionate foodie groups and wine aficionados.

Whole Foods - Scavenger Hunt, Social Media Event

Working with Groupable, we helped Whole Foods Markets, a major supermarket retailer stand out from the crowd of competitors and show off their unique store premises and product values.

Miller Lite - Alumni Clubs

Helping Miller Coors better understand preferences in group settings was the mission for a series of events and surveys staged in late 2011.

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