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The Facebook Algorithm Change - Here's What You Need to Know 

Few things inspire more chewed fingernails and cold sweats among ecommerce marketers than Facebook algorithm changes. When Mark Zuckerberg whispers those dreaded words – algorithm changes – it catches the attention of every business that uses Facebook.

Why and How to Start Using Instagram

Welcome to the New Year! If you're not using Instagram for your business in 2018, you're so 2017. I know what you're saying, "I just mastered Facebook and Twitter. Why do have to do this as well?" The answer is simple: Because you have to. And to learn why and how, our friends of HubSpot have offered up their thoughts on how to do this. There's lots of good info here and so stay tuned for some...

3 Things You Must Learn About Digital Marketing and PR

When you think about marketing, sales and PR, do you think of it as a single line item in your budget?

If you do you may be missing the bigger picture of how these functions are really complementary channels. And by doing that you actually may be missing out on how to maximize investments in these areas. In fact, you could be wasting money on ineffective initiatives.

Facebook Advertising Advice: 10 Tips From Experts

Facebook started as a way for college classmates to communicate, and it’s since evolved into a hub for content creation, sharing, and advertising.

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