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What's Up with Whats App - and Your Privacy?

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the messaging service WhatsApp will start sharing phone numbers and other user data of its one billion users with Facebook Inc. This announcement goes contrary to its promise that little would change when the app was acquired in 2014.

When Your Agency is Doing the Spamming

When your own PR/Marketing firm is using a portion of your monthly retainer to spam the inbox of journalists, it's probably time to re-think your strategy.

Mobile Phones - Advertising and Tracking You

We're not sure where you stand on privacy issues in the consumer advertising space, but we're okay with ads popping up and telling us things they think they want us to know. Then again, we're in the advertising business. But now things are changing in the mobile advertising and tracking space.

Forget the NSA - Predictive Apps Are Scarier

All the recent talk about the leaker and what he leaked about the Government's unfettered access to our personal lives is the stuff of spy novels and Big Brother theory. It's the new mind-reading apps that are available now that may put more fear and awe into our hearts.

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