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What Marketing and Magic is According to Google

According to Lorraine Twohill, senior vice president of global marketing at Google, marketing is about knowing the user and knowing the magic.

Care Matters in Healthcare Marketing

I recently needed to find a specialist for an issue with my foot. I'm a runner and I believed I was suffering from a bad case of plantar fasciitis. Of course, I did most of my research online trying to self-diagnose but 2 months into the pain I realized it was time to find someone who had a degree on their wall.

What to do when Gmail is down ...

Just found this "hack" to help you access gmail when it goes down. The reality is that your email is still accessible, it's just the ability to reach is what becomes difficult.

Mobile Phones - Advertising and Tracking You

We're not sure where you stand on privacy issues in the consumer advertising space, but we're okay with ads popping up and telling us things they think they want us to know. Then again, we're in the advertising business. But now things are changing in the mobile advertising and tracking space.

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