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The One iPhone App We Can't Do Without

Chances are your smartphone is packed with apps. There are afterall hundreds of thousands of them. But how many of them are for personal fun use vs. practical business productivity? 

Gary V Puts it into Perspective

This past week has been whirlwind for much of the country and perhaps the world where different perspectives abound. In fact, "perspective" has become a much more interesting word as we all try to understand each other and hopefully respect one another's individual viewpoints.

Care Matters in Healthcare Marketing

I recently needed to find a specialist for an issue with my foot. I'm a runner and I believed I was suffering from a bad case of plantar fasciitis. Of course, I did most of my research online trying to self-diagnose but 2 months into the pain I realized it was time to find someone who had a degree on their wall.

Killer is Lurking, Right Under Your Nose

One of the things we like about our name, Screaming Garlic, is the connotation of health. Screaming is a good way to get things off your chest and release pent up energy. And Garlic, of course, has a long list of health benefits not to mention the ability to ward off vampires and unwanted kisses.

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