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Gary V Puts it into Perspective

Gary V Puts it into Perspective

This past week has been whirlwind for much of the country and perhaps the world where different perspectives abound. In fact, "perspective" has become a much more interesting word as we all try to understand each other and hopefully respect one another's individual viewpoints.

Screaming Garlic was up in Boston this past week at HubSpot's INBOUND 2016 conference and we had the chance to hear the keynote speech from Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary offered his perspective on the election (which was not yet decided the night he spoke) and his thoughts on social media which helped shape the election.


I have included a video of his presentation here. Even if you just listen to the first 5 minutes, I think you'll come away with a healthy perspecitve on our rapidly unfolding world and our place in it. And, if you listen a little longer, you'll hear how social media marketing is changing the way we do business (Facebook, in particular) and will most likely continue to affect our future politics. 

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