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Are You Just Marketing to Yourself?

Are You Just Marketing to Yourself?

One mistake we've seen many of our clients make is to spend too much time and money marketing to themselves.

What does this really mean?

Sometimes, we all operate in an echo chamber. Businesses get caught up worrying what others are doing in their industry rather than thinking about why they are in their space in the first place - which is to serve their customers.

 One area where we've seen a lot of "talking to ourselves" is at industry trade shows. Big marketing dollars are frequently allocated to having the best booth to show off your product or services while trying to one up your perceived competitor. Unless your competitors are buying from you, you're spending a lot of money to keep up with the Joneses.

Sure, trade shows are great for research and meeting old friends but thinking about the customer is paramount.

I had a wise mentor in my early days of marketing who always reminded us to get out of our ivory towers. It was too easy to get bogged down PowerPoint slides, pitch meetings and new product or feature ideas, to the point of suffering from marketing myopia. "Don't forget the customer," my mentor would say. "Be the customer."

And that's what we remind our clients to do. Don't just think what the customer may want, actually go out in the field and BE that customer and remember what the sales process feels like without all that echoing around you.


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