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Understanding These Simple Mechanics Will Make Your Lead Generation Pop

Here's a simple fact: You can't convert traffic you don't have. This means you need leads to make sales and to get leads you need to figure out how to attract prospects.

6-Steps to Branding Your Business on a Budget

In marketing, it seems like the word "brand" is used a lot -- the leading brand, off-brand, personal brand . . . and so on . . .

But there's often confusion around its meaning in business. What does it entail? Do I need to hire an expert? Branding is expensive, right?

What's Up with Whats App - and Your Privacy?

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the messaging service WhatsApp will start sharing phone numbers and other user data of its one billion users with Facebook Inc. This announcement goes contrary to its promise that little would change when the app was acquired in 2014.

5 Things you should know about your customer, but probably don't

If your customer bumped into you at a cocktail party, would you recognize her?

Unfortunately, for most medium size businesses without a dedicated analytics staff, the answer is likely, no.

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