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Journalism vs Algorithm: Is the New Facebook Revelation a Controversy?

Journalism vs Algorithm: Is the New Facebook Revelation a Controversy?

This past week Facebook was exposed in a report by former workers that they routinely suppressed negative news that related to Facebook and items related to a politically conservative agenda.

On one hand, if this is true (and Facebook currently denies the accusations), this would go against what we all believed was Facebook's pristine computer algorithm technology that automated

the curation process of new items. It would mean that the organic content that we create and promote for our clients as a digital agency has one more edge to worry about - the human one.

Now, this should not be a surprise. Many other tech companies such as Apple, Twitter, Snapchat, and Google have added ex-journalists to their ranks in order to help make judgments about what is news. And, if curation was not being influenced by humans, then you would expect more bizarre and racy images to be appearing across the feeds.

While we at Screaming Garlic have always believed that the best content is organic content, we also know the valuable universe that is Facebook continues to be a top choice for promoting our clients through paid media. Facebook's geo-targeting capabilities have proven to us that using proper market research tools, the best creative services, and the right direct marketing response mechanics, one can still garner awareness and sales leads.

Now, with public awareness and government inquiries, Facebook will soon find out what makes good press. In the meantime, if you want to learn how to best develop and navigate your marketing strategies, give us a call. We're real, located in NJ and happy to curate your cause.

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