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HubSpot Makes Our Marketing Lives Easier

HubSpot Makes Our Marketing Lives Easier

We have been working with, evaluating and retiring web-based technologies for over 20 years. Yes, in 1996, we were using Netscape and a host of rudimentary tools to help very large brands like Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Hot Wheels and Oreos experience their first taste of online marketing life.

So, it's rare that when I come across a platform or service where that evaluation period is short and the benefits are immediately obvious. I'll just say it. We're smitten with HubSpot. This goofy little tool from 7 years ago has grown into a fully mature, marketing and sales automation platform. And frankly, it's hard to imagine life without it.

Nearly all of our clients (and prospects) to whom we recommend HubSpot have the same question? Why should I pay that much for my Website when I can build it in WordPress and duplicate HubSpot's functionality with plug-ins? Well, our direct and immediate answer is, you can't.

We work with a number of both product and service companies who are truly world-class at what they do; creating amazing products and/or providing 2017 style customer service. But almost universally, they will say (or have said) their pipeline for new business is uneven at best. Competition has intensified and they're feeling generally overwhelmed and outgunned.

The question then becomes, "how do we leverage our happy customers, determine how, why and when they bought, and find more of them?" OK, Screaming Garlic actually poses that question to them first, but then they ask it.

Our clients have smartly invested in engineering, sales and customer service, but a smart investment in marketing is where they see the next leap in a period of rapid growth. I know what you're thinking, bi-planes with banners, blimps and branded hoodies should do the trick, right? To that we answer, wrong, HubSpot.

There are a few platforms out there that will optimize your website for inbound marketing and lead generation, help you create landing pages that convert, track your visitors, offer email marketing tools, list management and integrates with your CRM system. But none are as well-designed and make you more efficient dealing with, and smarter about your customer and prospects than HubSpot.

At this point in your growth cycle, your company shouldn't get slowed by managing the process of your growth. If you attempted to build a system that optimized your website, created landing pages and registrations, tracks visitors, provides email and list management, has tools for social promotion and integrates with your CRM system, it would end being the full-time job of at least 3 people.

Would you like to learn more about HubSpot? We're happy to give you an overview of the platform. And while we're at it, we'll provide you with some feedback on your website. And if it's perfect, we'll tell you that too. Just sign up below.

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